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The Journey of Freshxpress Tunnel Cooling System

Welcome to the story of Freshxpress, a tale of innovation, dedication, and groundbreaking achievements in the realm of fruit cooling technology. Our journey, spanning several decades, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of better solutions for the agricultural industry.

The Genesis (1963-64): Our journey began in the 1963-64 season with the construction of our first cool room. This marked the start of a new era in fruit preservation.

Innovating with Cooling Racks (1964): A year later, we introduced the first cooling rack for table grapes. Designed to maximize airflow, these racks significantly outperformed traditional methods of stacking boxes on pallets.


Thermal Blanket Revolution (1974): A decade later, Phil Panuccio pioneered the use of a 6-inch thermal blanket for grape transportation. This innovation maintained the fruit’s coolness even after a 1,000 km journey to the Sydney markets in summer heat. The result? Fresher, more appealing grapes that were an instant hit with buyers.

Collaboration and Exploration (Early 1980s): In the early eighties, our collaboration with the Department of Agriculture led to experiments with pallet cooling systems. Although these showed some improvement, they spurred us to seek even more effective solutions.


State-of-the-Art Pack House (1982): We built a new pack house in 1982, equipping it with the then state-of-the-art Therm fresh unit. This was a significant step forward, though we continued to use cooling racks.

The Birth of the Cooling Tunnel (1986-2005): Michael Panuccio’s vision of a cooling tunnel in 1986 was a game-changer. Despite initial scepticism and high-cost estimates from industry experts, we persisted. In 2005, a chance encounter with an expert in fumigation chambers, led to a breakthrough. His insights were instrumental in developing our inline rapid cool system, which was operational just 14 months later, dramatically reducing the cooling time for grapes from overnight to just 56 minutes.


Structural Development and Recognition (Post-2005): During the development phase of the tunnel, we were fortunate to connect with a retired CEO. His guidance was crucial in structuring the company and protecting our intellectual property. The success of our tunnel system led to our winning a New Industries Development grant, further validating our innovation.


Our story is one of evolution, driven by a team united by common goals, honesty, and a relentless pursuit of the extraordinary. Freshxpress embodies this spirit, committed to exploring uncharted territories and creating what once seemed impossible in the world of fruit cooling technology.


Our dedicated team work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

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