Bread’s Best Friend.

Rise to the occasion with the Bread Cooling Tunnel. When it comes to cooling, we’re the upper crust!

The Ultimate Cooling Experience Begins Here.

Where technology meets tradition, introducing the Bread Cooling Tunnel—a specialized version of our renowned Rapid Cooling Tunnel System, meticulously designed for the world of baked goodness.

Bread and bakery preparation and processing in Rapid Cooling Tunnels

Unparalleled Customization
Our unique modular design isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It respects the diversity of bread-type products, ensuring each loaf, whether sourdough or ciabatta, whole wheat or rye, gets the cooling it deserves.

Precision Indexing
With an infeed conveyor system that comfortably indexes 19 loaves across, every bread is treated with care. Our pneumatic pusher assembly ensures that all loaves transition smoothly onto the tunnel conveyor, ready for their cooling journey.

Zoned for Excellence
The Bread Cooling Tunnel is a masterclass in efficiency, divided into four distinct zones, each separated by a food-grade silicone curtain. This design not only boosts cooling efficiency but ensures every section works in harmony.

Smooth Transitions
Once the loaves complete their cooling odyssey, a state-of-the-art puller assembly, equipped with vacuum cups, seamlessly transitions them onto the outfeed conveyor. They then embark on a graceful U-turn, ready for the dedicated hands of operators.

Rapid Cooling tunnel Bread processing
bread processing using rapid cooling tunnel technology

Tech Triumphs
Say goodbye to lengthy processing times. With our system, bread loaf processing is expedited by a staggering 2 hours! Boost throughput, ramp up processing efficiencies, and eliminate the bane of double-handling. The result? Bread that’s not just fresh but of unparalleled quality.