Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Rapid Cooling Tunnel System?
    The Rapid Cooling Tunnel System is a state-of-the-art cooling technology designed to rapidly reduce the core temperature of products, achieving unparalleled freshness and quality in record time.
  2. How does the Rapid Cooling Tunnel System differ from traditional cooling methods?
    Our system provides a meticulously designed cooling journey, achieving a core temperature reduction in under an hour without compromising product quality. This ensures optimal freshness, extended shelf-life, and energy efficiency.
  3. Can the system be customized for different products?
    Absolutely. The system’s unique modular design allows for customization to suit various products, from fresh produce and meat to bakery items and flowers.
  4. How does the system enhance the freshness and shelf life of products?
    By rapidly reducing the core temperature of products in a controlled environment, the system locks in freshness, flavor, and overall quality. This process can extend the shelf life of certain products by up to 75% or more.
  5. What partners are involved in the development and support of the Rapid Cooling Tunnel System?
    Key partners include SAGE Automation (electrical & software control system), GORDON Brothers Industries (Refrigeration), and Automation Innovation Service (Tunnel construction and automation).
  6. How does the system contribute to energy efficiency?
    The system’s ability to cool products rapidly means significant reductions in electricity usage. For instance, 80 tonnes of meat can be cooled and ready for export in a day, saving 12 to 14 hours of electricity daily.
  7. How user-friendly is the system’s interface?
    The system is equipped with a computerized control system featuring a user-friendly touchscreen interface. Moreover, it offers remote technical support to assist with any queries or challenges.
  8. I’m interested in the Rapid Cooling Tunnel System. How can I learn more or make an inquiry?
    We’d love to assist you further! Head over to our Enquiries page to connect with our dedicated team. Together, we can explore how our system can revolutionize your operations.